"This was an amazing conference. It really made me rethink how I need to approach getting my kids to engage with math....not because I want them to, but because the tasks are so engaging they can't help themselves!"

- Jenny W., Washburn Rural Middle School, Topeka, KS

"MidSchoolMath is a blast for teachers, it inspires us to create and be teachers instead of just following the textbook."

- Emily P., Pinnacle Charter School, Northglenn, CO

"MidSchoolMath opened my mind back up to the story of being a creative teacher."

- Patty A., Native American Community Academy, Albuquerque, NM

"I loved going to a conference specifically for math! Everyone was friendly and I was able to take back great things to my classroom!"

- Samantha M., Mesilla Valley Alternative Middle School, Las Cruces, NM

"If you want to be encouraged to continue in math education
please attend the MidSchoolMath National Conference."

- Sara B., Lone Star Middle School, Nampa, ID

"As a language arts/social studies teacher, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the MidSchoolMath National Conference. I was truly inspired by some top notch educators. I look forward to implementing new ideas and strategies in my classroom and sharing what I learned with my colleagues. I look forward to attending again next March. "

- Kara E., Eaton Middle School, Eaton, CO

"This conference should be required of teachers in the first three years of teaching math."

- Janelle M., Atalaya Elementary School, Santa Fe, NM

"The Middle School Math Conference opened my eyes to the possibilities for engagement that I didn't realize were within my reach. In addition, the planners, presenters and the people of Santa Fe were so welcoming. I can't wait to attend again!"

- Sue G., Washoe County School District, Reno, NV

"For a brand-new baby teacher, this was a learning experience I will never forget!"

- Miranda C., Penasco Middle/High School, Penasco, NM

"I can't wait to see the kids eat this up."

– Susan C., De Vargas Middle School, Santa Fe, NM

"A great job by a great team of teachers who really support education in math."

- Francisco L., James Workman Middle School, Cathedral City, CA

"The MidSchoolMath Conference established a unique and new way of visualizing and thinking of how math curriculum should be expressed to students and help make the change toward closing the gap and extending student success."

- Megan H., John Adams Middle School, Albuquerque, NM

"There is now a reason for everyone to

Love Math,

students, parents, and teachers alike."

- Jeff P., Tesuque Elementary, Santa Fe, NM

"This experience was invigorating, refreshing and came at the right time of the year to keep the motivation going through the end of the year."

- Vanessa P., Sonoma Elementary, Las Cruces, NM

"A great learning experience,
I'm feeling motivated to teach again!"

- Amanda S, Teacher, School of Dreams Academy

"I gained insights into new captivating ways to teach math that require students to think on much deeper levels than any text book."

- Jennifer A., Public Academy for Performing Arts, Albuquerque, NM

"I learned how to engage my students in mathematical concepts at a deeper level among colleagues with a shared goal."

- Ceri K., Francis Parker School, San Diego, CA