Meet the MidSchoolMath Team

Scott Laidlaw - Co-Founder, CEO

With 15 years of teaching experience at the elementary, secondary and university levels since earning his doctoral degree from the University of Northern Colorado, Scott has focused on researching and developing tools to leverage the central role of imagination in how students learn mathematics. Encouraged by his students' popular refrain, "do we get to play the game today?", he conceived seven story-based, in-classroom math games, then brought two of them to software. Scott envisioned an entirely new platform for middle school math comprehensive curriculum based on conceptual narrative. While Scott is always deep in his work, his claim that Dave Matthews’ concerts are essential for creativity and therefore must be part of his “work” schedule is somewhat suspect.

Jennifer Lightwood – Co-Founder, CFO & Executive Producer

With a Master's degree in Accounting from Colorado State University, Jennifer is a CPA and CMA with over 20 years of diversified management experience in finance and operations, including 12 years with Fortune 500 companies. Specializing in high-tech software companies, she strives to build underlying systems and processes that support growth, purpose and value. Jennifer co-founded MidSchoolMath, as part of her personal endeavor to address the stigmas and negative perceptions of math, and struggles with financial literacy. She also makes a mean grilled cheese but has been known to burn a few when she is multi-tasking.

Megan LeBleu – Director of Curriculum

Megan LeBleu is a National Board Certified teacher with 14 years' experience teaching math at a high-poverty middle school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During those years she became a master at collaborating with fellow teachers, making math curriculum engaging and accessible to students. She is highly skilled at integrating technology in the classroom and is well versed in the Common Core math standards. Megan loves to buy shoes, especially high heels...but you’ll likely catch her only wearing flip-flops!

Ken Moore – Director of Development

Ken Moore heads the technical development team for MidSchoolMath, serving as Lead Programmer. With over 20 years experience in the video game industry, his credits include a wide range of games, such as Marvel Heros (Hyper Scan), Dance Sensation (Wii) and Tony Hawk 4 (Tapwave/Zodiac) as well as extensive experience in developing complex game architecture. In his spare time, Ken hunts with a bow and arrow.

Martha Riecks – Director of National Conference

Martha has more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, playing diverse roles within a range of organizations, and has a strong background in experiential education and STEM. She holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Management, with experience in outcomes-based program development and evaluation. Martha endeavors to leverage innovative pedagogy to transform how students, and society, comprehend math and science in everyday life. Martha is behind bringing an official curling team to Pittsburgh!

Michael Thompson – Director of Art & Animation

Michael has over 30 years of experience in art, design, drawing and animation. Prior to joining the MidSchoolMath team, he worked as a lead artist for DAVE School Productions and Quack! Media, and owned a fine art gallery. He appreciates being able to use his love of art and animation to present and explore math in ways that engage and inspire students. Michael is a sprout farming enthusiast and has a cat named Roswell.

Kate Martin – Director of Production

Kate lends her talent as leading role in the Math Simulator Video Series in the MidSchoolMath's Comprehensive Curriculum. Behind the scenes, with an array of film school credentials, she manages all aspects of production. Off work you will find her tearing up the slopes on her snowboard or hanging from aerial fabrics.

Gladys Graham – Professional Development Consultant

To Gladys, “There's nothing more exciting than awakening a student's inclination to see math as a useful and worthwhile experience." Gladys’ life’s work has been in supporting the development and sustainability of positive school culture, high student academic performance and effective leadership. She excels at designing and facilitating professional development for teachers, students and school leaders. Gladys has the capacity of “Oprah” in how she speaks and inspires.

Alexander Usatine – Director of Cinematography

Alexander Usatine has worked in film, videography, photography and production for nearly 20 years. In addition to his work at MidSchoolMath, he produces commercials and videos for a wide range of clients throughout northern New Mexico. Alex enjoys peanut butter and vegan bacon sandwiches.

Michelle Moore – Creative Consultant

Michelle has a BA in Theatre/Communications and Film from Eastern Michigan University. She has worked professionally in theatre, film, television and radio as a performer as well as behind the scenes as a writer, director, producer and more. As an artist, Michelle has always been devoted to ‘story’ and she's delighted to take part in this extraordinary work with MidSchoolMath, creating unique educational stories. Michelle also collects day dreams and My Little Ponies.

Kevin Simpson – Professional Development Consultant

Kevin Simpson is the owner of KDSL Global – a leading learning organization focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally, and, in this capacity, has served more than 500 schools and thousands of educators in 20 countries around the world. Kevin has both a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Michigan State University. Kevin takes Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego to a new level.

Cade Harris – Graphic Designer & Math Specialist

Cade is a high school student with an unusual balance of art and science skills. He also loves to ski and board.