Teacher Sample

Bonus Sample - 6.RP.A.1

Ratios & Proportional Relationships


Understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities. For example, "The ratio of wings to beaks in the bird house at the zoo was 2:1, because for every 2 wings there was 1 beak." "For every vote candidate A received, candidate C received nearly three votes."


What are the rest of the lyrics?

Using the phrase “For every...” is essential when learning ratios. During For Every Day, Delta Team Geologist Kim O’Hara is on Mars at the home base, and she is rationing her food supply until her team returns from their supply mission. Aside from determining how much of each item she can have per day, she decides to write a rap song, “For Every Day,” to help her remember the quantities so she doesn’t overeat. The data provided is O’Hara’s notes: a reminder that she has to ration for 80 days, her food inventory, and the first two lyrics of the song which begin with the phrase: “For Every Day.”

Day 1

The Math Simulator™

1. Immersion

  • Play For Every Day Immersion video, whole-class.
  • Restate the question: What are the rest of the lyrics?
  • Facilitate classroom discussion, ask students: "What do we need to know?"

2. Data & Computation

  • Print the Data Artifact and distribute to students.
  • Allow students work time. During this time, ask students "Does your answer make sense?"
  • Consider using a sharing protocol to lead to mathematical insights and/or highlight misconceptions.
  • Allow students to revise their work.

3. Resolution

Answer: For every day, O'Hara can have: 1/8 chocolate bar, 3 vitamin pills, 8 liters of water, 3 1/2 ounces of cheese, 2 bowls of potatoes and gravy, 1/2 energy bar, and 5 ounces of apple juice.

Day 2

Clicker Quiz


1. Have your students go to midschoolmath.com/clicker.

2. Click on Launch Clicker Quiz and note Clicker Quiz #.

3. Have students enter quiz code on their screens.

4. Launch Clicker Quiz.

5. Review Clicker Quiz results and prompt students to make connections to the Math Simulator.


Day 3

Practice Printable


1. Print and distribute the Practice Printable to your students.

2. Print the Teacher Answer Key.

3. Give a short 5-7 minute teacher lecture on the concept of the standard.

4. Have students complete the Practice Printable.

5. Have students complet the Student Reflection Assignment.



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