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5th Grade Standard - 5.NF.A.1

Numbers & Operations - Fractions


Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators (including mixed numbers) by replacing given fractions with equivalent fractions in such a way as to produce an equivalent sum or difference of fractions with like denominators. For example: 2/3 + 5/4 = 8/12 + 15/12 = 23/12. (In general, a/b + c/d = (ad + bc)/bd.)


What is Kate's monthly hay budget?

The idea of using equivalency to help solve a problem is a critical skill in mathematics. During Hay, country girl Kate must determine her monthly hay budget for her horse and two ponies. The data provided are the amount of hay eaten by the horse and ponies, how often they are fed, and the cost of a hay bale.

Day 1

The Math Simulator™

1. Immersion

  • Play Hay Immersion video, whole-class.
  • Restate the question: What is Kate’s monthly hay budget?
  • Facilitate classroom discussion, ask students: "What do we need to know?"

2. Data & Computation

  • Print the Data Artifact, cut into halves, and distribute to students.
  • Allow students work time. Then ask students "Does your answer make sense?"
  • Consider using a sharing protocol to lead to mathematical insights and/or highlight misconceptions.
  • Allow students to revise their work.

3. Resolution

Answer: Kate's monthly hay budget turns out to be $440.

Day 2

Clicker Quiz


1. Have your students go to midschoolmath.com/clicker.

2. Click on Launch Clicker Quiz and note Clicker Quiz #.

3. Have students enter quiz code on their screens.

4. Launch Clicker Quiz.

5. Review Clicker Quiz results and prompt students to make connections to the the Math Simulator.


Day 3

Practice Printable


1. Print and distribute the Practice Printable to your students.

2. Print the Teacher Answer Key.

3. Give a short 5-7 minute teacher lecture on the concept of the standard.

4. Have students complete the Practice Printable.

5. Have students complete the Student Reflection Assignment. 5-2pdf


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